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How we started

Memphis Cars And Trucks was started in 1990 to serve the whole San Diego area, and we have been selling the best of the used cars in the area. We are committed to helping people get better prices on all their car purchases, and we hope to make the process more exciting than just sitting on a car lot hoping that one car with a good price is going to come along. We know the frustration you feel when you shop, and we can solve that problem for you at any time.


Everyone who comes on the lot is going to see a large selection of cars that comes in a lot of colors, makes and models. We have more cars coming in all the time, and we are happy to show you a large swath of cars that will meet your needs. You can move on from the cars you do not like into other cars that are going to be really fun for you to drive. We keep our selection as broad as possible, and we keep the prices as low as possible. You will be able to find something that suits you, and it is going to be a lot less expensive than what you would have thought. You can take to us about the pricing on any car, and we are going to let you go for a test drive so that you can see if the car that you have chosen is right for you. We are happy to take you out on a drive to show you how nice the cars are, and we will make sure that you leave the lot with the car that you really want.

We are also here to answer any of the questions you have about used cars. We know that come of our customers need more information on the cars they buy before they make a purchase, and we will supply you with all that information before you have to move on and sign on the dotted line.

Our goal here at Memphis Cars And Trucks is to give every customer a great experience. We have found the best cars at the best prices, and we want you to come out to the lot to have the best experience.

You will find something that works for you,

you can test drive it and you will pay a lot less for it.